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Original German WWII Transitional SA Dagger RZM M7/66 by Carl Eickhorn - dated 1939

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice transitional pattern SA Dagger, made by the renowned firm of Carl Eickhorn, based in Solingen, Germany. It comes comes compete with the original scabbard, which is in good condition. The dagger has the usual mid-war pattern plated fittings, most likely zinc plated with nickel. The crossguards are in very good condition throughout with all fittings having a nice aged patina. There is a little age to these mounts, with some plating lifting along the edges, which is typical. The tang nut is fine, not showing any major wear or post manufacture tightening.

The grip is a fine product having a nice red mahogany tone in the surfaces and having medium center ridge construction. There really is some great grain on this very good condition grip, and fits the crossguards very nicely. The symbol button is nicely set having full enameling, with the plating intact as well. The details are still there to the eagle to include the beak, breast feathering, wing feathering, talons, wreath and mobile swas, and the nickel plate is mostly intact, with a bit of oxidation.

The scabbard shell is straight throughout and is the mid production style, with a brown enameled body. The fittings on the scabbard are plated alloy, possibly aluminum, and have some lifting and oxidation on the plate. Also, all of the mounting screws are missing, and there is some cracking and deformation to the fittings. The hanger loop is still present, and quite solid.

The blade of this example is in very good condition and has a good amount of the factory crossgrain visible. It does have runner wear, and unfortunately some light peppering in places, which was polished out. This has made the cross guard faint in some areas. However, the acid etched Alles für Deutschland  (Everything for Germany) motto is beautifully executed.  It still has very nice darkening and sharp edges. The blade has not been sharpened, and still has a very nice tip without bending.

The reverse ricasso is etched with a double circle with RZM logo in the middle. This circle is placed over the code RZM M 7/66 / 1939 for Carl Eickhorn of Solingen. Below this, the blade is etched with the 1935-41 Eickhorn trademark: a seated squirrel holding a sword, with the firm's name and location, Eickhorn / SOLINGEN below. According to J. Anthony Carter's book GERMAN KNIFE AND SWORD MAKERS, this firm used this specific trademark with out the "ORIGINAL" word specifically on transitional SA daggers with the RZM marking.

The Reichszeugmeisterei, or RZM, was was based at the Brown house in Munich and NSDAP party headquarters in Berlin. The RZM ensured that the manufacturers of military items were consistent in design, quality of materials and other characteristics of the items. It also defined standards of design, manufacturing and quality and published an authoritative color chart for textiles. The M7 in the code stands for knives/daggers, contractor 66 stands for firm  Carl Eickhorn of Solingen, the legendary "City of Blades" in Western Germany.

A very nice mid war example of an SA dagger from a top maker!

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