Original German WWII Tinnie Award Pin Collection - Set of 10

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Original Items: Only one set available. Acquired directly from a veterans family at a recent military show. "Tinnies" (Veranstaltungsabzeichen - Event Badge) are small commemorative pins or medals, acquired when one attended a specific event held in Germany. They were often made of thin stamped metal, bakelite, or even pressed paper. This collection consists of the following ten German WWII medals and tinnie pins:

- 1 MAI 1936 (May Day, labor day) Tinnie by Robinson of Oberstein Nahe.

- 1935 TAG DER ARBEIT (Labor Day) Tinnie maker marked on reverse: E. L. MÜLLER / PFORZHEIM"

- 1935 TAG DER ARBEIT (Labor Day) Tinnie maker marked on reverse: M. O. S.

1942 ERSTER KREISTAG (First District Day) LUXEMBURG tinnie, maker marked on the back M9/162.

- 1937 DJH Association Hitler Youth Tinnie. The Deutsches Jungvolk Hostel (German Youth Hostel) Association maintained homes for DJ and HJ youths.

1934 KINDER AUFS LAND (Children in the country) Tinnie.  This was an organization in 1934 that was designed to get children out of the cities to experience life in rural areas.

- 1940 / 1944 marked Leuchte Scheine Gold'ne Sonne über dieses freie Land German Tinnie, issued in the Gau 'Koblenz-Trier'. This was part of the WHW (Winterhilfswerk - Winter Help Work) series. The tinnie shows a man holding bundles of wheat with the sun over his left shoulder and a swastika over his right shoulder. The script on the tinnie translates as: "Bright shiny golden sunlight over this free land". Additional markings on back.

- HAUS DER DEUTSCHEN ERZIEHUNG 12 JULI 1936 Rosenthal porcelain tinnie pin. These were given out to celebrate the opening of the "House of German Education" in Bayreuth on 12 July 1936. The tinnie displays a profile of Hans Schemm, head of the German teacher's association, and the cultural minister of Bavaria.

1942 Police Day Donation Tinnie Pin marked "G 6" on the back.

- 29. MÄRZ 1936 FREIHEIT UND BROT Reichstag Election campaign tinnie pin. Freihot und Brot (Freedom and Bread) was a campaign slogan of the Nazi party during this election. They were the only party on the ticket.

All tinnies are offered in very good condition, with intact pins. Ready to display!

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