Original German WWII Swiss Pocket Watch with SS Marked Back - Fully Functional

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. This is a a very nice quality Swiss Pocket Watch, just like everyone's grandfather had, and it still works! We have been getting a few pocket watches out of Germany from a German Collector, since the display of  German WW2 symbols is regulated. Here in the land of the free, we offer these only as Historical Artifacts to Museums, historians and collectors for historical purposes.

This nice example has engraved on the rear the very distinctive SS "Sig" symbol symbol inside an engraved shield on a pebbled field. These pocket watches were available for sale on all German WWII Bases and stores. The shield was most likely part of the original manufacture, and could be personalized in any number of ways.

The inner brass movement cover is marked with the usual Swiss markings seen on these watches, as well as:



There are additional markings on the inside of the back cover/support, and serial number 15181 is present on both covers. There is definitely age related wear to the plating, but it gives it a great service worn look.

Still in great condition and still in working order offered only as a Historical Artifact. Ready to display!

There is no warranty for this watch and returns for a non-working watch will not be honored. Please note all watches are wound and tested then recorded on video before shipment. We are not in the watch repair business- ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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