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Original Items: Only One Set Available. This is a very nice collection of German WWII and Post War Tinnies and Stick pins, which was brought back from the European theater by a USGI after the war was concluded. Tinnies were small badges given out at various events historically in Germany, but during the NSDAP period they were produced in numbers and varieties never seen before in an effort to create national solidarity behind the NSDAP. The same was true for stick pins, which were made for any and all of the NSDAP controlled groups in Germany. After WWII, this continued somewhat, and De-NSDAPified versions of the awards were created.

This lovely set includes:

- One German 1934 TAG DER ARBEIT (Labor Day) Tinnie. Stamped brass and maker marked REICHSVERBAND PFORZHEIM on the back.

- FIVE German 1935 TAG DER ARBEIT (Labor Day) Tinnies. Four are maker marked on the back (different makers) and one is unmarked.

- One German WWII 1935 SEEFAHRT IST NOT (Seafaring is necessary) Tinnie. This was given out for German Seafaring Day (TAG DER DEUTSCHEN SEEFAHRT) , May 25-26 1935. Maker marked PAUL SCHULZE & Co. of Lübeck

- One German 1 MAI 1938 (May Day, labor day) Tinnie by A. RETTENMAIER.

- One German KREISTAG DUISBURG 1936 (District Day Duisberg 1936) Tinnie. Attachment pin missing.

- One German Erstes Kreisturnfest der niederbayr. Ostmark Pfarrkirchen 29. u. 30. Brachmond (Juni) tinnie. This is for the first lower Bavarian Eastmark Gymnastics Festival which took place in Pfarrkirchen. "Brachmond" is an archaic German name for June.

- One German Weimar Period Kyffhauserbund Shooting Award Stick Pin.

- One German WWII Deutscher Reichskriegerbund Kyffhäuserbund Shooting Award stick pin.

- One German WWII Wound Badge Stick Pin

- One German WWII Small DLV Stick Pin

- One Post WWII German DSB German Sport League Stick Pin

A wonderful totally genuine grouping perfect for the WWII Insignia German collector, with some nice research potential.

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