Original German WWII State War Victim's Care Aluminum Flag Pole Finial by I.H. Schmidt Söhne - RZM M3/27

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The National Socialist War Victim's Care (Nationalsozialistische Kriegsopferversorgung or NSKOV) was a social welfare organization for seriously wounded veterans as well as frontline fighters of World War I. The NSKOV was established in 1934 and was affiliated to the NSDAP Party. The headquarters of the organization was in Kreuzberg, Berlin (at the time called the SW 68 district) and employed the architect Willy Muehlau to design cheap residential complexes for NSDAP war veterans. These complexes emerged some time between the late 1920s and early 1930s and are protected according to the City of Berlin's Denkmalliste (monument list).

This is a very nice WWII NSKOV Aluminum Flag Pole Finial or Topper (Fahnenstange Endstück). The design has a the NSKOV emblem in the center, with a canted Swas (Swas) inside a red circle, which is overlayed on the Iron Cross emblem. This is surrounded by an oval leaf, with a sword piercing the entire emblem and connecting to the end fitting.

This fitting is marked with the RZM logo, and M3/27, for manufacture by I. H. Schmidt Söhne, in Iserlohn, Germany. It measures 15 1/4 inches tall, and is 5 1/8 inches wide at the center of the wreath. There is some overall aluminum oxidation and wear, from the pole finial running into things, but it has a great aged aluminum patina. The red and black paint in the emblem is unfortunately quite worn on both sides.

These Flag Pole Finials are extremely hard to find, as most were destroyed or melted back down as scrap. This is one in very nice condition, ready to add to any collection!

Of Note: In late 1934 items manufactured for the NSDAP and other organizations, including membership pins, came under the quality control of the RZM, Reichzeugmeisterei, (National Equipment Quartermaster) and as a result were marked with the RZM logo when appropriate. The registry was was based at the Brown house in Munich and NSDAP party headquarters in Berlin. The RZM ensured that the manufacturers of military items were consistent in design, quality of materials and other characteristics of the items. It also defined standards of design, manufacturing and quality and published an authoritative color chart for textiles. The M3 in the code stands for Symbols and Emblems, with I. H. Schmidt Söhne iof Iserlohn being contractor number 27.

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