Original German WWII SS-Helferinnen Female Auxiliaries Uniform Tunic

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Female auxiliaries in the Waffen-SS were divided into two categories: SS Auxiliaries (SS-Helferinnen): Those female signal personnel trained at the SS school located at Oberenheim/Alsace (Reichsschule für SS-Helferinnen Oberenheim.) and SS War Auxiliaries (SS-Kriegshelferinnen): All other auxiliary female personnel employed by the SS permanently or temporarily. The SS auxiliary was made up of females normally between 17 and 30 years of age. They were employed as telephonists, teleprinter operators, and radio operators. Selected female personnel were promoted to NCO or officer ranks after successfully passing special training courses.

Reichsführer-SS Himmler authorized distribution of the following letter on 14 August 1943 on the subject of SS Female Auxiliaries:

The designation SS-HELFERINNEN remains confined to female personnel who have been trained in the Reichsschule-SS at Oberenheim/Alsace, tested, and incorporated into the Corps of SS-Helferinnen. All other female employees and workers who are in the service of the SS under contract or by virtue of an Emergency Service Order will be known as Kriegshelferinnen, insofar as they are entitled to be issued with service clothing (uniform) during their employment in accordance with the Führer's Order of 11 January 1943. Service clothing: The approved service clothing for SS-Helferinnen will also be worn by Kriegshelferinnen, but without distinguishing marks apart from the Hoheitsabzeichen on the headdress and left upper arm. SS symbol, sleeve bands with the inscription "Reichsschule-SS," and unit emblems are reserved for SS-Helferinnen only.

The administration of the Kriegshelferinnen is the responsibility of the unit employing them, in collaboration with the SS-Wirtsehafts-Verwaltungs-Hauptamt, but the Chef der Fernmelderwesens (Head of the Communications System) is exclusively responsible for SS-Helferinnen.

The directives issued by the Reichsführer-SS on 30 November 1943 are applicable to the welfare of the SS-Helferinnen and Kriegshelferinnen, especially outside the boundaries of the Reich. These auxiliaries were a very necessary part of the SS organization in that they were able with their communications skills to function in duties that in essence freed up male personnel that were needed in other responsible positions.

This example of a genuine WW2 SS-Helferinnen Female Auxiliary tunic appears to have been tailor made and iOS constructed of fine wool shell with and satin like interior lining. It is single breasted with four bakelite buttons and two lower hip pockets. It features correct period authentic insignia to the left sleeve. Overall condition is excellent.

Approximate Measurements:
Collar to shoulder: 9"
Shoulder to sleeve: 22"
Shoulder to shoulder: 16"
Chest width: 15.5"
Waist width: 14"
Hip width: 19"
Front length: 30"
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