Original German WWII SS Anti-Tank Rifle Greandes Gewehr Panzergranate 46 and 61

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. These are inert BATF compliant German WW2  Anti-Tank rifle grenade round offered in very good condition.

The German Wehrmacht seemed content with not developing any larger HEAT grenades for their Schiessbecher, but the SS had other ideas. Having difficulties obtaining the weapons they wanted, the SS went outside normal procurement channels to obtain what they desired, something they continued to do throughout the war.

The reverse taper Grosse Gewehrpanzergranate was not a effective geometry and and there were simplifications that could be made as well. The result was the Gewehrpanzergranate 46 and later the still larger Gewehrpanzergranate 61. These were different grenades entirely, from a simplified single piece drawn sheet metal body and shaft construction to a new base fuze design.
The Gewehrpanzergranate 46's warhead diameter was 4.6cm with an overall length of 93mm and carried a shaped charge of 150g. It had an armor penetration of 90mm.
A further improvement was the Gewehrpanzergranate 61 which increased penetration performance to 125mm. Its warhead diameter was enlarged to 61mm and carried a shaped charge of 200g.
Both types, Gew.Pz.Gr.46 and Gew.Pz.Gr.61, were produced in very small numbers towards the end of the war.

Both examples are offered in very good condition with 98% original paint still intact. They both have wartime WaffenAmt markings including 1944 dates and dot maker stamps (Brno factory in Czechoslovakia). They each have screw off fuse caps and are incredibly rare examples of genuine SS rifle grenades from WW2!

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