Original German WWII Small Field Medical Surgical Tool Set by C. Stiefenhofer of Munich

Item Description

Original Item: These small surgical sets are extremely rare much more so then the larger Hauptbesteck sets. This is small German WW2 medical surgical set that was manufactured by C. Stiefenhofer of Munich. This is a portable surgeons kit for Lazarett field hospitals, suitable to be used in field conditions at the battlefield. The set goes is carried a metal container, with folding handles on the sides. Inside on the lid has the original list of contents printed in German. This set is nicely marked Instrumenten-Besteck Nr. V.

This extensive steel surgical instrument set contains a wide range of the equipment an army surgeon may have needed at a German field hospital. Some of the instruments, such as the amputation knives and saw, are for specific tasks. Other instruments, such as the forceps for clamping bones, arteries, and intestines, have a more general use. The kit is labeled with the German word Instrumenten-Besteck which translates as instruments cutlery, cutlery being another word for surgical instruments. The use of steel for the case as well as the instruments ensured that this equipment could be sterilized easily.

In the container there are three metal trays, full of matched NUMBERED instruments - for a great variety of medical and surgical cases. There are slots with the outline of the instruments on the bottom of the trays. The trays contain a great deal of surgical instruments, all numbered and marked with manufacturers such as BERCO and Stiefenhofer For a detailed list of contents, look at the photos, the set appears to be complete

This is an excellent set, a centerpiece for your collection, extremely rare to find original, complete, small surgical set. Please look closely at all the photos to see the great condition and the rich content of this exceptional, museum quality set.

Dimensions: 14 x 7 x 5".

This is an extremely rare and highly collectible set with a wonderful history offered in very good condition.

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