Original German WWII Shrapnel-Damaged LP 34 Heer Signal Flare Pistol by ERMA-Erfurt with Holster - Dated 1940

Item Description

Original item: One of a kind set. This is a very interesting example of the classic German Wehrmacht LP-34 signal flare pistol, complete with its original issue holster. What makes this example so great, is that it was damaged by shrapnel while stored in the holster, and was then repaired back to functional condition during the war. Both the holster and the pistol still show the damage from the shrapnel hit, making this a great collector piece.

The Leuchtpistol 34 was designed in 1934, and has an aluminum alloy frame and barrel with steel moving components. The pistol is chambered for standard 26.5 mm flares, and was finished in black anodized aluminum. Steel components were blued. It superseded the previous LP28, which was made of all steel, as part of a continuing evolution of Walther-designed flare pistols.

The change to the "duralumin" reduced the weight of the pistol by 0.730 kg, and also partially prevents internal corrosion due to gun powder residue. The overall machine work of the components was improved over the LP28, and the wood grips were replaced by checkered bakelite. Most importantly, the trigger guard was made significantly larger, so that the pistol could be used easily even with a gloved hand.

This example is maker marked [ERM]A-ERFURT on the left side of the frame, for the legendary ERMA-Erfurter Maschinenfabrik B. Geipel GmbH of Erfurt,  a German weapons manufacturer founded in 1922 by Berthold Geipel. Prior to and during World War II it manufactured many firearms, including the Karabiner 98k, the MP40 and other submachine guns. The maker mark is partly missing due to the shrapnel hit. Below this is it stamped with the manufacture date of 1940, and it has serial number 6596 d above the trigger guard and on the barrel. It is nicely Waffenamt marked on the right side of the frame and barrel, with inspector number 280.

Completely Original German WW2 manufacture in very good complete condition with black bakelite checkered grip panels. The pistol is very clean, and still has a good amount of the original anodized finish, though it has worn to a green color. It is also missing finish where the frame was repaired after being damaged. ALso the spring that breaks open the pistol was removed during this, as it was probably hit by the shrapnel.

The steel components still have their original heavy blued finish. It still has the original screw in lanyard ring, which are often missing as these were removable. Removing the ring allowed the pistol to be mounted to a device that allowed remote firing from a nearby tree or fence, sometimes with a trip wire. 

the holster is in solid condition, but is used and missing components. The top flap is missing ,except for a bit retained by the stitches. It isn't clear whether the flap was cut off, or torn off. Also, one of the two shoulder strap rings is missing, common for a holster this worn. There is an old hole under one of the belt loops, which matches the damage on the pistol.

In great collectible condition, ready to display!

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