Original German WWII Set of Three Leather Holsters - Walther PP, Sauer 38H, and Czech CZ27

Item Description

Original Items: Only these three available. These is a set of three different German WII era holsters, one for a Walther PP, one for the Sauer 38H, and one for a Czech ČZ vz. 27. These come from a Collection of Pistol Holsters purchased by IMA, each with an old index card enclosed giving the model of the pistol and Serial Number of the pistol originally issued with the holster.

The first holster is a brown leather flap top holster with spare magazine compartment and breakaway front, as often used with the Walther PP and PPK pistol. The length of this holster definitely seems better suited for a PP. On the back of the holster it is marked by the maker: C.J Ensink & Co. / OHRDRUF with a faint Waffenamt. The yellowed card in this holster states: Holster For /  Walther PP / # 755108.

This holster is used condition but still quite soft and pliable, with a bit of cracking in areas. Holster does show a bit of water staining. Stitching is fully intact. Ready to display.

The second holster is a dark brown top flap holster for the Sauer 38H Pistol, made of relatively thin leather with a simple snap closure. The holster is shaped to conform closely to the pistol. There are traces of a 1944 date, as well as a Waffenamt proof. The card in this holster simply states Sauer 38H / # 317809.

Condition of the holster is nice, with all stitching and rivets intact. The original construction of the holster is somewhat lighter than usually seen.

The third holster is a Brown Leather flap top holster with spare magazine compartment to the front, as issued with a Czech ČZ vz. 27 Pistol. Remains of the German Leather Maker's marking can be seen on the holster: looks to be OTTO SINDEL / BERLIN / 1935, as well as the ghost of a Waffenamt. It contains a yellowed card stating: Holster for / CZ27 #37557/ Plus Extra Magazine.

This holster is in used condition, with soft leather and some wear. There is a bit of wear through around the magazine pocket. Ready to display or use.

Three original German Officer's Holsters well marked, offered together.

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