Original German WWII Set of Three 8mm Mauser Red Plastic Exerzier Patronen Drill Training Rounds

Item Description

Original Items: One Set of Three Only. Here we have a lovely set of three Exerzier - Patronen Aus rotem Kunststoff (Drill Cartridges made of red plastic), which were used for training purposes. They are made from red plastic (there was also a black version), and they feature steel bases. They are made to the same dimensions as the legendary German 8mm Mauser rimless bottlenecked rifle cartridge, used by the K98k rifle and machine guns during WWII. First developed for the Gewehr 98 in 1903, the development of the "S" spitzer bullet led to the "S" patrone as it was used for the next 40 years.

The three drill rounds are in very good condition, with only light oxidation on the steel bases. One of the cartridges is on marked, while the other two are maker marked with aux, for Polte Armaturen und Maschinenfabrik A.G., Werk Magdeburg in Sachsen, Germany. Both are also marked with a 41 date, and have the correct Ex (Exerzier - training) marking with S on the right. These were usually included in the military gunsmiths toolbox, along with other dummy rounds, used to check the chamber.

A very nice set, ready to add to your collection!

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