Original German WWII Set of Four Small Porcelain Enameled Steel Wall Signs - 1 DDAC & 3 From Train Cars

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Original Item: Only One Set of 4 Available. Here we have a great set of 4 small German WWII Emailleschilder (Enamel signs), made with the classic steel back plate with porcelain enamel applied and baked on. This was the classic design for German signs of the WWII period, used throughout the society. The larger signs are often very unwieldy, and prone to cracking, but the smaller signs such as these are much easier to deal with.

The first sign is a very nice D.D.A.C. placard sign, which measures about 4"H x 3"W. It has the classic white and black enamel work, with some translucent enamel for the red circle surrounding the swas. Der Deutsche Automobil Club (DDAC - The German Automobile Club) was the only authorized automobile club in Germany during the Third Reich. The club absorbed the ADAC and other automobile clubs in 1934, shortly following the rise of AH to the position of Führer und Reichskanzler (leader and chancellor of the Reich). The DDAC provided roadside assistance to members and was closely affiliated with the NSKK. These "Clubs" were used by the NSDAPs to encourage Automobile skills as they did for Flying skills during the time when Germany was still not allowed and Military organizations.

Condition is good, showing some chipping and enamel loss, as well as oxidation of the steel base. The rear is quite rust pitted, so this definitely looks to have been exposed to the elements for some time.

The other three signs in the set all came from train cars, and are all the classic white color with black letters and borders. All three have the same message in three languages, indicating they could be pre-war, especially the ones with English. They include the following:

- One Small sign measuring about 5"W x 1"H, with the text Nicht hinauslehnen / Ne pas se pencher en dehors / È pericoloso sporgersi, which means "Don't Lean Out" in German, French, and Italian. There are also production and stock numbers marked on the front of the sign.

- One Small sign measuring about 3 7/8" x 2 1/4", with the text Our motto is: Safety and Politeness / Notre devise est: Sécurité et Politesse / Unser Grundsatz ist: Sicher und hoflich / Unser Grundsatz ist: Sicher und höflich, which all mean the same thing in English, French, and German.

- One small sign measuring about 5 7/8" x 2 1/4", with the text Cabinet dans la voiture / Abort im Wagen / W. C. in the care (last E is crossed out), which all mean that a bathroom is in the car in French, German, and English. The error in the English translation is definitely an interesting note, and there were most likely quite a few of these produced with the same error.

A very nice WWII set, ready to display, or maybe use to adorn your house!

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