Original German WWII Set of 2 rounds for Handheld Launchers Kampfpistole and Leuchpistole

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Original Item: Only Set of 2 only. Totally inert per guidelines provided by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) this is very nice set of three German WWII projectile rounds for handheld launching devices. Two of these are rifled, for use in the Kampfpistole, often called the Z-gun. The third might work with it, but was originally developed for the Sturmpistole, which was a customized Leuchpistole 34 or 42 with a shoulder stock. The Sturmpistole was never wholeheartedly embraced, and the rounds ended up being used with the Standard Leuchtpistole LP34 and LP42 launchers.

Functionally the only real difference between the two systems was that the Kampfpistole had a rifled barrel, while the others were smoothbore, making cartridge identification relatively simple.

This set consists of one each of the following:

- A Nebelpatrone (Fog Cartridge) for the Kampfpistole / Z-gun. This was a non-lethal smoke grenade with a nose fuze that could be used for target marking or concealment. It was similar in appearance to explosive grenades and could be identified by its "NEBEL. Z" marking on the base of the projectile. This example unfortunately has degraded somewhat, and almost all the markings are gone. However the 'Z' is still visible on the bottom.

- A Wurfgranate Patrone 326 (Throwing Grenade Cartridge). This was a small, breech loaded, fin stabilized, explosive grenade, with a nose fuze that was designed for short range low angle direct fire missions. It was not recommended for use beyond 180 m (200 yd) due to inaccuracy or less than 46 m (50 yd) due to the risk from shell fragments. This example still has a lot of the original paint, and is maker marked edq 2k 41, for 1941 manufacture by Deutsche Waffen- & Munitionsfabriken AG, Werke Lübeck-Schlutup, Wesloerstrasse. This maker manufactured all types of ammunition during the war, particularly large caliber machine gun cartridges. The base is also marked aj, for Sörensen & Köster, located in Neumünster in Holstein (Brachenfeld). This was a die casting and iron founding company that manufactured casings for many different flare pistol cartridges.

It is also Waffenamt marked, and breaks down completely so that the internal structure can be examined. It even still has the deactivated firing mechanism and chambers still intact. These are quite rare on the market.

Overall a very nice set of three interesting German Hand Launched Cartridges, well marked and ready to display!

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