Original German WWII Service Worn Walther P.38 Hardshell Holster with Attached SA Sports Badge

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Just purchased at a military show, this is a nice service worn example of a German WWII issue Black Hardshell holster for the standard issue Walther P38 pistol. It definitely has seen a lot of use, so it is worn overall, but is is still complete with the pistol ejection strap, belt loops, and closure strap. It even has the P38 marking stamped into the back still visible, which is very often so lightly stamped that it disappears over time.

Interestingly, an SA Sports Badge has been attached to the top of the closure strap, most likely by the owner, to indicate that he had earned the award during one of the many competitions held in NSDAP Period Germany. The badge is now quite oxidized, and definitely looks to have been on the holster for some time.

Overall condition of the holster is good, with stitching that looks to be intact. The leather definitely is stiff and somewhat dried out now, and the seams do show some separation. There is also cracking of the finish, and some tearing of the leather on the lid. We have left it totally uncleaned to preserve the lovely patina.

This is a very interesting WWII example of a P.38 holster, and would make the perfect accessory for a P.38 pistol that no longer has its holster. Ready to display!

The Walther Pistole 38 (P.38) pistol was first introduced in 1938 as a replacement for the P.08. The P.38 was a more cost-efficient and more reliable in war conditions such as mud and rain. The P.08 was a typical prewar German gun, over engineered to perfection, with a sensitive toggle breech system that would malfunction when dirt was involved. The P.38 was a workhorse that did just what it was meant to do. It could handle most harsh battlefield conditions and as such the closed hardshell holster was discontinued later in the war and replaced for a partially open softshell holster. During the War close around 900,000 were produced, so the holsters were also produced in large quantities.

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