Original German WWII Service Worn Large Panzer Tank & Vehicle Identification Flag - 36" x 73"

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This a great service worn and torn multi-piece construction German WWII Swas (hook cross) identification flag, as used for Panzer tanks and other vehicles. It measures a quite large 36 x 73 inches and has the standard NSDAP Swas (Hook Cross) dyed onto a circular white field. This was then sewn onto the red cotton body of the flag on one side. Condition is good, with the colors retained well, however there is some light staining, and multiple tears in the fabric, some going through both layers of the central circle. We often see these in excellent nearly unissued condition, however this example looks to have really "been there", and suffered damage as a result of it. These are definitely not new tears, and it looks like the flag may have been cleaned after the tearing to remove dirt. Really a great "battle torn" or "tattered" example.

This flag features the correct plated steel grommets located in each corner. These grommets were then secured to tension lines that secured the flag to the back of the tank / top of the vehicle laying flat. Thereby the flag was only visible to persons located above, as generally were intended to be seen by German airplanes so as not to be struck by friendly fire.

Most German tanks were destroyed during combat, and flags attached to vehicles degraded very quickly in the sun, so very few of these flags remained at the end of the war. Most known examples were taken directly removed from tanks by USGIs in the field, or were found unissued in depos

A great "battle torn" example, ready to display on your Panzers or other large vehicles!

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