Original German WWII Service Worn 25 Engagement General Assault Badge by Josef Feix & Söhne

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Known in German as a Allgemeines-Sturmabzeichen mit Einsatzzahl 25 (General assault badge with number 25, this service worn badge is constructed what looks to be zinc alloy. The obverse (front) is comprised of an oval oak leaf wreath, joined together at the bottom by an inlaid brass plaque bearing a raised number 25. Above this is a Heer-style German national eagle clutching a mobile swas (hook cross), with crossed bayonet and stick grenade below. The reverse has a barrel hinge and pinback meeting a flat steel catch, with four visible rivets securing in place the obverse eagle.

The badge is maker marked on the back of the wreath with the JFS logo of Josef Feix & Söhne, located in Gablonz a.d. Neisse, today Jablonec nad Nisou in the Czech Republic. All hardware is still held firmly in place by this makers crimping techniques, there are no repairs we can see. However time and weathering have taken a toll, and there is significant oxidation on the badge, particularly on the attached central Reichsadler insignia perched on a bayonet and grenade. This affects the front and back, and the steel pin on the back also has some oxidation. The wreath portion of the badge is in much better condition, probably due to plating used.

A great service used example with a lovely patina, ready to add to your collection!

The Numbered General Assault Badge was instituted on June 22, 1943. The instituting of the new grades of the General Assault Badge was in a direct response to the increasing number of soldiers which had continued to tally “combat days” after they had met the initial requirements of the standard version. The different grades created by the German High Command were “25”, “50”, “75”, & “100”. The requirements for the Numbered General Assault Badge was very similar to the standard version except the number of combat days required corresponded to the number of the award. For example, the General Assault Badge with a “25” box would have required the soldier to have 25 combat assaults on 25 different days. Many soldiers in the German Army did not live to see the required “combat days” for the higher grades, most specifically the “75” & “100” grades.

The numbered grades used the same design pattern as the standard version. However, these grades of the General Assault Badge have more enhanced features such as enlarged eagle, wreath and eagle, plus the addition of a number box at the bottom of the wreath to denote grade.

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