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Original German WWII Second Model Afrikakorps Sun Helmet with Badges - Dated 1942 has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

Original German WWII Second Model Afrikakorps Sun Helmet with Badges - Dated 1942

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Original Item: On first deployment to North Africa in 1941, Afrikakorps infantry were issued with the traditional European sun helmet known as Tropische Kopfbedeckung, of the type known to the British forces as the solar topi (or topee). In the German case, these were made of pith, had prominent ventilation holes in the crown, were khaki in color and bore two metal shields; on the right the national colors and on the left the German eagle. There were several models made, with the first having cotton outer covering made of fabric sewn together. This is the second model, with a felt covering.

This particular example is really in great cosmetic condition. The original olive/khaki felt covering is intact and still retains the original color, with just a few small spots of discoloration. The helmet band, which hides the attachment rivets for the chin strap and liner, is in excellent as well. The original chin strap is present, and shows only minor wear, with only a bit of the finish missing. The leather trim is in good condition with a few areas of wear, and no cracks or missing areas. The two aluminum badges are intact and retain nearly all of their original paint.

The interior of the helmet still has the original green felt covering intact. The liner itself is in excellent condition and supple, with a bit of staining on the front edge. It is embossed with a hat over an R inside a diamond and the underside of the sweatband is marked with 1942 date and size 55. The red felt inner lining is complete, with the only real issue being that the thread that attaches the leather and felt liner to the corrugated spacer is about half missing, so the liner is loose. It could however easily be repaired with basic sewing skills.

This will make a fantastic addition to any German WW2 Afrikakorps collection

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