Original German WWII Schmeisser MP-28/II Display Submachine Gun

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very rare Post World War One SMG offered in very good non-firing BATF approved non-gun condition. Included is also an original 32 round magazine (only where not prohibited).

The Schmeisser MP-28/II (another variant of markings is M.P.28.II) submachine gun is a post-WW1 evolution of the first practical submachine gun, developed by same designer, the MP-18/I. MP-28/II was produced in limited numbers in Germany by C.G. Haenel company in Suhl, for police use; it was also produced under license in significant numbers in Belgium, by Pieper, and sold to some South African and South American countries, and also to China, Japan and Spain. MP-28/IIwas basically the same weapon as MP-18/I, with minor improvements such as added fire mode selector and tangent sight. The M.P.28.II saw significant use during Spanish Civil War of 1936-39.

The MP 28 was produced by Haenel under the supervision of Hugo Schmeisser, it was copied by the Second Spanish Republic under the codename Naranjero. The Naranjero was chambered in 9mm Largo.

M.P.28.II submachine gun is blowback operated, selective-fire weapon that fired from open bolt. Tubular receiver was attached to the front of the wooden stock, and could be pivoted barrel down for maintenance and disassembly. Magazines are inserted from the left side while ejection is to the right. Manual safety is made in the form of locking cut, made in the receiver, which engages the bolt handle to lock bolt in open (cocked) position. Fire mode selector was made in the form of cross-bolt button, located above the trigger. Standard sights consisted of blade front and tangent rear sight, marked from 100 and up to very optimistic 1000 meters.

The MP 18.1 manufactured by Theodor Bergmann Abteilung Waffenbau was the first practical submachine gun used in combat. It was introduced into service in 1918 by the German Army during World War I as the primary weapon of the Sturmtruppen, assault groups specialized in trench combat. Although MP18 production ended in the 1920s, its design formed the basis of most submachine guns manufactured between 1920 and 1960.[citation needed]

The firepower of this new class of weapons made such an impression on the Allies that the Treaty of Versailles specifically banned further study and manufacture of such light automatic firearms by Germany.

Caliber: 9x19mm Luger / Parabellum

Weight: 4 kg empty

Length: 820 mm

Barrel length: 200 mm

Rate of fire: 550-600 rounds per minute

Magazine capacity: 20 or 32 rounds

Effective range: 100-150 meters

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