Original German WWII Sauer Model 38H Black Leather Holster

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Original Item: Only One Available. The Sauer 38H or often just H was a small semi-automatic pistol made in NSDAP Germany from 1938 until just after the end of World War II by J. P. Sauer & Sohn, then based in Suhl, Germany. The "H" in the model number is short for "hahn", referring to the internal hammer of the firing mechanism.
This black leather holster is in excellent condition but does not have any marking that we can find on it. The holster is a black top flap holster for the Sauer 38H Pistol, made of relatively thin leather with a simple snap closure. The holster is shaped to conform closely to the pistol. All stitching is intact and the holster shows signs of relative use to it with no damage present.
Comes ready to be paired with your 38H Sauer!
Sauer developed the model 38H from their earlier semi-automatic handguns. It was necessary to compete with companies such as Mauser and Walther in the commercial market. However, with the outbreak of the war, most pistols went to various German police agencies. These pistols were stamped by those agencies and some can still be found with the holster and additional magazine with which they were distributed. Sauer 38H pistols presented to NSDAP officials often featured custom engraving, ivory grips, and often gold inlay as well. For example, in September 2004, the Rock Island Auction Company sold a Sauer 38H, serial number 363573, that belonged to Sepp Dietrich for $43,125.00.
The Sauer 38H was produced in three basic models. Generally, the slide of the first model says "JP Sauer und Sohn" on the left. The second version says only "CAL 7.65", and the third version omits the safety and the cocking/decocking lever. Towards the end of the war, weapons produced were simplified for quicker, cheaper production. For the 38H, this meant simpler markings, rough finish, and the elimination of features like the slide-mounted safety. Much more rarely, some late production examples retained the safety but omitted the cocking/decocking lever. So-called "late-war" models were still fully functional, though final examples produced until April 1945 when the factory was overrun by the Allies, feature mismatched serial numbers and poor fit and finish.
The concept of the Sauer 38H persists in the SIG Sauer P232 and its predecessor the P230, which also feature a fixed barrel, decocking lever, and similar internal design. As a testament to their fine design, many Sauer 38Hs are regularly used by owners to this day, albeit usually with replacement grips.
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