Original German WWII SA Dagger Double Proofed RZM M7/10 1938 - J.A. Henckels

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This transitional SA Dagger is most interesting in that the crossguards are constructed out of aluminum. This is very rare. The producers experimented with aluminum early on to see if it was durable enough to withstand daily wear. We see this with some of the Army daggers, in particular those from Alcoso and E. P. & S. They later abandoned these efforts and went with a base of pot metal. SA daggers of course had nickel silver guards, eventually ending up as nickel-plated pot metal types. Once in a while, though, we do see aluminum guards on them, as well as SS daggers.

The guards on this example have good surfaces; the top example having just a few scratches. The lower guard, however, is still in fine condition. Both of the guards have very deep accent grooves and nice, crisp edges. The tang nut is the standard nickel-plated steel type.

The grip is a mahogany example, being in very good shape throughout with no flaws and showing only modest usage. It fits the crossguard very nicely. The SA symbol button is perfectly placed and has a good enamel surface. The nickel grip eagle retains excellent detail to the head, breast and wing feathering, talons, wreath and mobile swas.

The scabbard shell is perfectly straight. This shell has a lighter chocolate brown paint which remains in 95% condition. This paint has no chips and looks very fine. The scabbard mounts are the nickel-plated steel types. They are in perfect condition through to the lower ball. These mounts are retained by dome head screws.

The blade of this dagger is very bright and has the typical in/out wear lines. Overall this blade, taken on its own, is in excellent grade condition. The motto is crisp and has about 95% of the original factory blacking in the recesses of the letters. The matching etches on the reverse ricasso help to make up for a lot, as they begin with the desirable, almost hieroglyphic twins indie a circle logo at the top. They are an apt logo, as Henckels uses the name Zwillingswerk which, in English, means Twins Factory. Beneath the twins is a double RZM circle with a shaded center, positioned over the Henckels code, M7/10, and the year of production 1938. The blade shoulders perfectly fit the lower contour of the guards.

A very interesting rare dagger from a top maker with transitional double proofs, as well as the rare aluminum crossguards, you won’t find another one of these anytime soon!

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