Original German WWII Ribbon Bar with 50 Year-Faithful Service Decoration

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This is a very nice genuine medal bar brought back by a USGI who fought in WW2.

The set of 4 medals offered in very good condition is mounted on a backing board with pin and lined in uniform wool and consists of the following medals:

•- German WWII 1939 War Merit Medal

- German WWII DRK Honor Decoration of the German Red Cross

-  German WWI IFaithful Service Decoration Special Class Cross for 50 Years of Service

- German WWII Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Medal

Below is an explanation of each medal in detail:

German WWII 1939 War Merit Medal - The medal was designed in 1939 by Richard Klein and was officially adopted/established in 1940. The purpose of the Medal was to expand the award possibilities in regard to War Merit and to include actions that couldn't justify the award of the War Merit Cross or of the Iron Cross. It was awarded to both military personnel and to civilians, especially to women working in the Armament Factories. This is an early example in bronze (late examples were made in zinc).

German WWII DRK Honor Decoration of the German Red Cross - (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Ehrenzeichen). Constructed of silvered bronze with multi-colored enamels, on loop for suspension, the obverse with a red enameled Geneva Cross overlaid by a black enameled German national eagle clutching a wreathed mobile swas, on top of a white enameled circle, the reverse with an inscription of FÜR VERDIENSTE UM DAS DEUTSCHE ROTE KREUZ (“FOR SERVICE IN THE GERMAN RED CROSS”).

Faithful Service Decoration Special Class Cross for 50 Years' Service -  Fullsize (frosted silver with a fire gilded laurel wreath and black enameled swas on original ribbon.

Prussian Centenary Medal - The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Medal also known as the Centenary Medal (German: Kaiser-Wilhelm-Erinnerungsmedaille Zentenarmedaille) was established on March 22, 1897 by Wilhelm II on the occasion of the 100th Birthday of his grandfather, Emperor Wilhelm I.

The medal was awarded by Prussia to state and university officials, as well as all military officers, non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel, which were actively serving in army, navy and Schutztruppe. Medals were also awarded to the surviving veterans of the First Schleswig War, Second Schleswig War, Austro-Prussian War, and the Franco-Prussian War.

The medal is made of bronze gunmetal from captured cannon. It is 40 mm in diameter and was suspended from a ribbon 36 mm wide.

The obverse is a right facing effigy of Wilhelm I in military uniform wearing a mantle and Pickelhaube. To the left of the effigy is the inscription WILHELM / DER / GROSSE / DEUTSCHE / KAISER (William the Great German Emperor). To the right is KOENIG / VON / PREUSSEN (King of Prussia).

The reverse depicts symbols of royal authority including the German State Crown, an orb, sword, and scepter placed upon a pillow surrounded by oak leaves, in the lower half of the medal. To the left is an upward climbing laurel branch. In the upper half is the inscription in six lines ZUM ANDENKEN AN DEN HUNDERTSTEN GEBURTSTAG DES GROSSEN KAISERS WILHELM I. 1797 22.MAERZ 1897 (IN MEMORY OF THE HUNDREDTH BIRTHDAY THE GREAT EMPEROR WILHELM I. 1797–MARCH 22–1897).

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