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Original German WWII DRK Red Cross EM/NCO Hewer with Rare Spear Point Tip - Deutsches Rotes Kreuz

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a nice example of the German Red Cross (DRK) Enlisted Man / Non-Commissioned Officer Hewer, with a rare "spear-point" blade. The usual type seen has a flat tip, as medics were supposed to only use them for defense.

The hilt mounts have around 60% of the original nickel-plating still intact, with the worn areas showing the base pot metal. Very often the plating did not hold up well on these hewers, as can be seen. Most of the wear is around the grip area, and the pommel retains much plating.

The crossguard features an oval boss on each side, with the obverse featuring an eagle with half-opened wings and a raised out mobile swas on his breast. The bird clutches a cross in his talons. The grip plates are smooth bakelite, and on this version of the hewer, the bakelite was molded directly onto the handle, so there are no retaining screws. The crossguard also still has the original leather buffer washer around the blade.

The scabbard is in good used condition, and definitely does show its age. It does not have dents we can see, but the lacquer is definitely chipped and missing in places, and shows quite a bit of crazing and checking due to age. The nickel plated steel fittings are still present, each retained by two screws. The plating has worn off on the better part of the drag, and the underlying steel has oxidized a bit.

The blade of this hewer is the classic saw back type but instead of the characteristic blunted tip it has a spear point tip. This variation is claimed by some to be a post war USGI conversion, however the blade measures a full 10.5 inches, which would be impossible with the blunted blade. The saw back is intact and sharp, as used to cut splints and make stretchers in the field.

If you have been looking for a rare Red Cross hewer you just found it!

History of the German Red Cross (DRK)

The DRK, "Deutsches Rotes Kreuz" (German Red Cross), a voluntary civil assistance organization originally instituted in 1864, was officially acknowledged by the Geneva Convention in 1929. In December 1937 it gained status as a legally recognized organization by the NSDAP. As with other essential services in Third Reich Germany, it came under control of the NSDAP in late 1938 under the auspices of the Ministry of the Interior's Social Welfare Organization.

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