Original German WWII Rare SS Typewriter by Olympia Büromaschinenwerke AG. in Case - ROBUST Model

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Now this is something we have only had once before: an original German WWII Schutzstaffel (SS) typewriter! This is a ROBUST model, made by OLYMPIA BÜROMASCHINENWERKE AG. ERFURT (Olympia Office Machine Works Co), as noted on the label inside of the transit chest. There is also the script logo Olympia on the typewriter itself, which is marked on the bottom with serial number 458383. The typewriter seems functional, though it is missing the ribbon, and the screws holding the top cover on are missing.

Now, the question most have is "what makes this an SS typewriter?". That would be the "shift" position shown on the machines key for 5, which is the double Sig rune emblem of the SS: ᛋᛋ. The striker itself has this on it, and it is definitely the original one. Very few of these survived the war intact, as most were modified for use post war with replacement of the key and striker.

This Typewriter comes complete with it's original wooden transit chest, with an inner label reading KURZE ERKLÄRUNG DER OLYMPIA ROBUST (Short Explanation of Olympia ROBUST) on the inside of the lid. The chest, measuring 15" x 14" x 6 1/2", originally had a green painted exterior, with red markings, however these have long ago flaked away, with the remaining paint in a delicate condition.

This is an excellent opportunity to own a rare piece of military office equipment, still in very nice condition. Ready to add to your collection and display!

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