Original German WWII Radio Signalman #3 Fernsprechtornister Cowhide Backpack - Dated 1940

Item Description

Original Item. Only One Available. This is a very nice original German WWII Radio Signalman cowhide backpack, known as Fernsprechtornister (Telephone knapsack). The design is based on the M39 "Tornister," but it larger and with dual closure flaps. It also folds out somewhat like a medical back pack or field desk, so that the entire interior is accessible at once.

These backpacks would contain the necessary equipment for the Signalman, such as cable reels and various tools. There were three versions of the backpack, "1,2,3", with each having different interiors for holding different equipment. This pack is marked with 3. It has the standard early war design, with shoulder straps that interface with the pistol belt as well as the bottom of the pack. As the war progressed the design was simplified for economical and practical reasons so the cowhide cover was eliminated making these packs especially scarce on today's collector market.

The pack measures approximately 13"W x 14"H x 4 1/2", and still retains almost all of its original parts from what we can see.

The pack itself is maker marked and dated ftt / 40 between the straps, which is also marked on one of the straps. This indicates 1940 manufacture by Vereingte Lederwaren-Fabriken Eugen Huber, located in Munich. The other strap is also 1940 dated but but a different manufacturer.

Condition is very good, especially considering the age. The fur on the cowhide is still almost completely intact, though the leather has been worn at the corners of the pack. The shoulder straps are complete and intact, with the leathers still supple with a nice color. The side straps that connect to the bottom of the pack are also still present, though the left side connecting hook has torn from its leather fitting. The interior of the pack is in good shape, with some slight modification to the separators as shown. The various buckles and straps all look to be present.

A very nice and rare example of a Radio Signalman #3 Fernsprechtornister Backpack, ready to display!

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