Original German WWII RAD Reich Labour Service Honor Standard Flag - SA. Mann Gerhard Bischoff - 48" x 48"

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Original Item: Only one Available. Here we have an excellent condition ultra rare RAD Reich Labor Service Fringed Honor Standard Flag, which were usually used to honor those who had done great service to German industry, either historically or during the NSDAP period. This example is named to SA. Mann Gerhard Bischoff on embroidered panels on both sides of the flag. "SA-Mann" is the lowest rank in the German Sturmabteilung (SA), so it does seem odd that an honor flag was made for them, and we have not been able to find any information on this. However it is definitely a real flag, so there must be some history that cursory research was not able to reveal.

The standard measures 48" x 48", though originally the size may have been different, as one edge looks to have been torn off or altered. It is made with multiple layers of soft cloth. This is definitely a finely made flag, as befitting a flag used to honor those of great importance to German industry. This three color standard was manufactured in a durable and strong manner. With a heavy emblem sewn on each side, this flag is quite heavy to other counterparts. Two red cotton panels sewn back to back, thereby creating one standard. Each side has a two piece black cotton swas with a strip of silver rayon outlining trim. It is surmounted by a white cotton circle, with multiple individually sewn black pieces forming the RAD crest, encircled by a band of white wheat sheaf embroidery on a black background. It has silver bullion fringing on three sides, sewn between the two halves of the flag. A significant amount of work went into the creation of this flag.

The standard has various minor soiling and some of the silver bullion fringe is deteriorated, but overall it's in great shape. There are some small holes in areas, and as mentioned before one edge looks to have been cut off. There is also some blue coloring to parts of the embroidered name, which may be from age related deterioration.

A beautifully made WWII German flag with some excellent research potential. Ready to display!

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