Original German WWII Preßstoff Imitation Leather 18 Round Signal Flare Cartridge Box with 3 Inert Flares

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a first for us at IMA! We have had many German flare pistols and accessories over the years, but we have never had one of these 18 round cartridge boxes. During the war, various different types and colors of flares were used, and having a large and varied supply would increase the chances of the proper flare being close at hand. Measures approximately 8 1/2"H x 9"W x 4"D.

Like many German WWII flare pistol holsters we have seen, this cartridge box is not made from leather, but instead from Preßstoff (Press Material) imitation leather, which is made from multiple layers of pressed paper. As with many countries, Germany ran into wartime shortages of leather goods, so the use of imitation leather and canvas allowed them to use leather only on items that absolutely required its use. The Preßstoff material was about the same rigidity as the hard leather used in most holsters and pouches, and did not affect functionality.

Over time however, the material can shrink and deform, as this cartridge box has. The black finish has cracked and oxidized, which has made the internal cartridge loops very tight on the three inert cartridges inside, two of which we were unable to remove due to how tight the fit is. The stitching has also gotten loose in many areas.

As with most Preßstoff items, some parts like the closure straps and belt loops are still made from real leather. There originally was also a shoulder strap, though that is unfortunately missing. One of the closer studs also pulled through the front of the box, which is unfortunately common with the imitation leather.

A great piece of German WWII Field gear, ready to add to display with your LP34 or LP42 signal flare pistol!

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