Original German WWII Police Officer's Degen Dress Sword by Emil Voos with Scabbard & Troddle Knot

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a genuine vintage World War II German Police Officer's Degen (Épée) Dress Sword, made by the rare Solingen-based firm of Emil Voos, Waffenfabrik (Weapons Factory). It is still in very good condition, looking to have seen moderate use at formal events. The nickel plating throughout the fittings and the "D" guard is still bright and in great condition. There are some areas of light oxidation, but none of the base metal can be seen.

The pommel cap has excellent serrations and no sign of improper removal. The "D" guard is in wonderful condition, ending in the the usual teardrop quillon. The ferrule is crisp, decorated with six standing oak leaves separated by acorns.

The ebony grip is in excellent condition, tightly wrapped with aluminum wire and with a fine cover plate on the reverse. The inset Police Civic eagle insignia is also in fine condition, and looks to be copper or bronze, which originally had a silvered coating, now worn away. The black background is still present though, so possibly it was originally bronze. The ebony grip shows light wear, with just a few dents and a small chunk missing next to the pommel. Wrapped around the handle is a very nice bullion Police Troddle knot with a leather and bullion securing strap which looks to originally have had a center red stripe. This has unfortunately deteriorated, and some of the bullion thread has come loose as well.

The 29 1/2 inch nickel plated blade is a solid gem, with the plating almost completely retained, and no dents on the factory blunt edge. There is some light runner wear and scratching, but it still looks great, with only very minor oxidation to the plating. It has a standard single fuller, unlike the double fuller we have seen on other examples.

The ricasso is stamped with the Emil Voos trademark logo with a "Serpent around a stump", to the left of the maker's name and location:


Emil Voos, Waffenfabrik, also known as a Spezialfabrik für Jagd- und Sportmesser (Special Factory for Hunting and Sporting Knives), was a Solingen-based knife maker founded in 1925. The "Serpent-and-Stump" logo next to the name and location was used on most military and police swords such as this the WWII period, per J. Anthony Carter's work GERMAN KNIFE AND SWORD MAKERS. The original leather blade washer is still present and in great shape.

The scabbard is in very good condition, with just a bit of a bend towards the drag, and no dents we can see. It has original paint which shows some age or wear. This paint is 75% intact with some scrapes and small chips, in addition to a lovely crazed and checked surface due to age. The lower scabbard mount has a decorative pattern of lines, and retains much of the the nickel plate. Both dome-headed retaining screws are still present. The upper mount is in the "Wotan's Knot" configuration, which is also nickel plated. It is in very good condition, and has the retaining screws still present inside of the "knot" on both sides.

These police swords are quite rare and desirable, especially ones this nice with a troddle knot. Ready to add to your collection and display!


Blade Length: 29 1/2"
Blade Style: Single Edge w/ Fuller
Overall length: 34 5/8“
Guard dimensions: 5" width x 4 3/4” length
Scabbard length: 32 3/8”

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