Original Post WWII German Police Issue 9mm Pistole 640(b) Browning Hi-Power Black Leather Holster by Geco

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice black leather holster issued for use with the 9mm Pistole 640(b). During World War II, Belgium was occupied by Germany and the FN factory was used by the Wehrmacht to build the pistols for their military, under the designation "9mm Pistole 640(b)". FN Herstal continued to build guns for the Allied forces by moving their production line to a John Inglis and Company plant in Canada, where the name was changed to "Hi Power". The name change was kept even after production returned to Belgium.

The holster is in fantastic condition and shows signs of being issued out and used. The Geco stamp can be found on the front flap just above the securing loop for the leather tongue. The stamp is a large letter “G” with “eco” on the inside of it. GECO Munition is a German company established in 1887. Originally a weapons wholesaler, the company later branched out to producing firearms and ammunition. GECO is now a brand name used by RUAG Ammotec based in Switzerland and no longer produces firearms.

Other markings on the holster can be found on the back. It appears to be a serial number which would have matched the pistol it was for. The serial number is 57800 and is consistent with other holsters which were carried over into post war use by the Police.

There is no damage other than minor fading to the black finish. All stitching is still intact and so are the leather loops and buckles. The inner leather securing strap is also still present.

This is a wonderful example and is ready to be displayed amongst your German collections or to complete the appearance for your Browning Hi Power!

The Hi-Power is one of the most widely used military pistols in history, having been used by the armed forces of over 50 countries. Although most pistols were built in Belgium by FN Herstal, licensed and unlicensed copies were built around the world, in countries like Argentina, Hungary and Israel. After 82 years of continuous production, FN Herstal announced that the production of the Hi-Power would end, and it was discontinued in early 2018 by Browning Arms. Although new Belgian Hi-Powers are no longer being built, clones are still being built in several countries, including India, Turkey, and the United States.

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