Original German WWII Police Dress Bayonet with Stag Grip by P.D. Lüneschloss of Solingen

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Prior to the centralizing of the German Police forces in 1936, many Police units wore very long bayonets equipped with a clamshell device. These bayonets were equipped with blades as long as 18 inches. The obverse stag grip plate was affixed with a six-sided nickel Police insignia. The hilt was cast in nickel, having a pommel shape in the form of an eagle head and a quillon decorated with oak leafing. The scabbard was a black or brown leather, having matching nickel mounts. Police Officers wore a private purchase variety which also retained the clamshell device, but was of smaller overall proportion and was equipped with standard short blade. The German Customs also wore bayonets with clamshells, however, they were sans grip insignia.

After AH came to power, the many German Police organizations still operating through their respective states and provinces were centralized under the guidance of SS-Reichsführer Himmler. The previous sidearm, a very long bayonet with clamshell addition, was altered to suit the newly formed Police. The new weapon was reworked and reissued having the following characteristics; the blade length was reduced to 13 inches, the clamshell was removed, the grip was shortened, and the new 3rd Reich Police grip insignia replaced the Weimar six-sided grip insignia. Since adequate numbers of reworked bayonets were available, few newly produced weapons were required. The weapon's hilt consisted of a nickel eaglehead pommel, oak-leafed quillon, and stag grip plates with Police insignia on obverse. The scabbard was black or brown leather with matching nickel mounts. The re-pointed blade normally is nickel plated. Usually matching numbers will appear on the reverse quillon and upper scabbard fitting reverse. These bayonets can be found slotted for rifle mount or plain.

This Municipal Police Bayonet has a solid nickel hilt and it is the larger proportion type. The pommel is in the form of an eagle’s head looking to the left. The detail throughout the bird and his eye is extraordinary. There is little to no wear on this pommel. The same is true of the fine crossguard and quillon. This fitting features raised overlapping oak leaves. The reverse pommel has the same fine detail and the quillon end has the oak leaves. The crossguard reverse in nicely stamped S.D.IV. 546.

The grip plates are a very fine stag. The stag colors though are quite beautiful and the edges are gold from age. These grip plates are retained by nickel rivets having good dressed heads on both sides. The police emblem in the obverse grip shows almost no wear at all. This open style insignia is a wreath of oak leaves having an open-winged eagle with wreathed swas superimposed over the wreath. All of the original details are still crisp and visible on this insignia.

The scabbard shell is the usual black leather having decorative twin lines which run the length of the edges. The reverse is sewn up the rear. The scabbard leather shows some age and a little bit of runner push-out but it is not bad. The shell is fitted with scalloped edge nickel mounts which are retained by staples in the rear.

The blade is an outstanding example measuring 13-inches.This blade is in very good condition. The reverse ricasso is stamped horizontally with the name and location of the maker:

P.D. Lüneschloss


A fine example of a hard to find bayonet.

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