Original German WWII Photo Album with Carved Wooden Cover - "Souvenirs from Kraków - 1941"

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. Here wonderful personal photo album, which unlike most we see, is not housed in a standard military issue cover. This example looks to have been assembled by hand, with the front and back covers made from light weight and easily worked wood. The front cover has love carved leaves and flowers, one of which is the iconic Edelweiß mountain flower, used in Europe as a symbol of Alpine life, and specifically used by German Gebirgsjäger mountain troops. There is not any indication that the album is linked to any specific unit.

The rear cover has a large carved intertwined B W monogram, and at the bottom reads:


This loosely translates to "Souvenirs from Kraków - 1941", so the owner was stationed there during the early ear period. The album overall measures approximately 11.5" x 8", and has 8 double sided pages with "onion skin" separators. There are 50 photos in total, one of which is loose and does not have a place on any of the pages.

The photos inside are a mixture of personal photographs, group photographs, and many pictures of other servicemen from the Heer army, Luftwaffe air force, and even one from the Kriegsmarine navy. Most look to be enlisted and NCO ranks, though we have not identified the specific ranks and units of the pictured individuals.

A great piece of memorabilia from the WWII period. Ready to research and display!

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