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Original German WWII Photo Album Set of Two Brothers - Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger Paratrooper in Crete & Army Heer Albums

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind-set. Here we have a fantastic historical research opportunity, in the form of two very nice personal photo albums owned by brothers who both fought in the war. The older brother enlisted in the Luftwaffe, becoming a Fallschirmjäger Paratrooper that participated in operations in Crete, while the younger brother would later enlist in the Heer Army after being part of the HJ National Youth Organization. There are family pictures in both albums, and even some notes and documents at the rear of one album that could be a fantastic translation project. We very rarely get such fantastic sets such as these!

The Luftwaffe album of the older brother is the standard 10 1/2" x 7 1/2" size, with a textured black leatherette cover and a lovely embossed silver "Droop-Tail" eagle in the upper left corner. The lower lower corner has a Erinnengunen (memories) embossed in silver, and the album is bound by silver thread. The first picture is of the older brother with his parents, with the younger brother on the far right. Over 150 photographs fill the 23 pages of the album, which are separated by spider web pattern "onion skin" paper to keep them from sticking together. They show all manner of scenes, and include both military and personal photos, as well as photos from the island of Crete, where the Luftwaffe paratroopers served in numerous actions. It would appear that the older brother was in a Luftwaffe signals unit.

The Wehrmacht Heer Army album of the younger brother is also 10 1/2 x 7 1/2", and has a lovely fabric cover. It may be custom made, and has Meine Dienstzeit (My Service) in the upper left and Erinnerungen (Memories) in the upper right, with a silver Heer Stahlhelm in the middle over a Heer Eagle. The album is bound by brown thread, and it has 38 pictures on the 24 pages separated by crosshatched "onion skin" paper, with some photos that have fallen out in the rear. There are some far earlier pictures of the two brothers, probably with one of their grandparents. There are also photos of school events and some HJ photographs as well. Towards the end of the album we see the younger brother in his Heer Army uniform, though no photos of service, so he may have enlisted at the very end of the war.

Historical records like this album have become priceless time capsules that provide an incomparable level of insight into the individual experience of the Second World War, now that almost eighty years have passed. With the documents and papers that come with the album, it may be possible to identify the brothers, making this a wonderful historical research opportunity!

The older albums such as these usually withstand the ravages of time. The leather or fabric covers may wear, but the pages stay well intact. The black paper albums of the early 20th century are more fragile, while the glue from magnetic albums can damage photographs. And, as with all old photographs, keep albums in a safe, climate controlled environment.

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