Original German WWII Parole der Woche ("Slogan of the Week") Anti British Propaganda Poster - 33” x 47”

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Original Item: Only One Available. Parole der Woche ("Slogan of the Week" or "Word of the Week") was a wall newspaper published by the Reichspropagandaleitung der NSDAP [de] (propaganda department of the NSDAP Party) from 1937 to 1943. Historian Jeffrey Herf describes Parole der Woche as "the most ubiquitous and intrusive aspect of NSDAPism’s visual offensive ... no form of NSDAP visual propaganda made such a crucial contribution to the regime’s presentation of ongoing events".

Parole der Woche combined multiple styles including those of editorials, leaflets, posters, and tabloid journalism. Although antisemitism was marginal in Parole der Woche until 1940, it later became a major theme, with one-third of the posters from 1941 to 1943 expressing antisemitism. Six issues dealt with Germany Must Perish! and the supposed Jewish-Allied intention to exterminate the German population. The posters repeatedly accused Jews of starting the war and intending to exterminate Germans. On the day before the German declaration of war against the United States, Parole der Woche published an issue with a chart showing the supposed international Jewish conspiracy which connected Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin. Herf argues that to Germans who had no other sources of information, "The image and text of the wall newspaper offered a seemingly compelling explanation of how the Jews, so few in number, could have been so successful in plotting against Germany." In this poster and others, antisemitism was combined with anti-Americanism, Anglophobia, and the conspiracy theory of Jewish Bolshevism.

On May 5, 1943, the Reich Propaganda Directorate in Berlin informed regional propaganda offices that it was ending the Word of the Week due to the demands of war putting pressure on budgets and the calling up of more party members for active duty.

The posters were noted for their heavy use of exclamation marks, a hallmark of NS-Deutsch—the form of the German language used by the NSDAP regime.

The title of this example is Ein Dokument britischer Zivilisation (A Document of British Civilization). The left side features an arrow pointing to the main body with the words Das britische Blatt “The National Review" schrieb kürzlich, which translates to The British Sheet “The National Review" recently wrote:

“Dieser Krieg darf von uns erst dann als gewonnen betrachtet werden, wenn wir als Sieger in der Lage sind, auf der Zerreißung Deutschlands in 31 Kleinstaaten zu bestehen. Während seiner ganzen Geschichte hat Deutsch land sich stets als äußerst unzivilisiert und als ein Land erwiesen, das nichts anderes verdient hat als Abscheu und Verachtung. Von Anfang an haben die Deutschen sich durch ihr Benehmen lediglich für die Rolle der Parias, der ausgestoßenen wilden Hunde Europas qualifiziert. Dieser Krieg richtet sich trotz vielen anderslautender Versicherungen gegen das deutsche Volk. Es bildet eine so wilde. räuberische, skrupellose und äußerst unzivilisierte Rasse, daß seine Beseitigung als Großmacht die einzige Hoffnung für die Welt bildet.”


“We can only regard this war as won when, as victors, we are able to insist on the tearing up of Germany into 31 small states. Throughout its history, Germany has always shown itself to be extremely uncivilized and a country worthy of nothing but disgust and contempt. From the very beginning, the behavior of the Germans only qualified them for the role of pariahs, the outcast wild dogs of Europe. Despite many assurances to the contrary, this war is directed against the German people. It forms such a wild, predatory, ruthless, and utterly uncivilized race that its elimination as a great power is the only hope for the world."

The Closing Statement At The Bottom:

“Die geifernden Hetzer in London mögen sich beruhigen: seit dem britischen Verrat von Andalsnes und Dünkirchen, seit den siegreichen britischen Rückzügen aus Griechenland und Kreta und den feigen britischen Überfällen auf den ehemaligen französischen Verbündeten in Dakar und Syrien ist die Frage bereits geklärt, wen Europa in der Tat ausgestoßen hat! Was noch zu tun bleibt - nämlich die endgültige Vernichtung der notorischen plutokratischen Kriegshetzerclique in England - wird auch noch geschehen, darauf darf sich auch die ,,National Review" verlassen!!”


“The slavering agitators in London may calm down: since the British betrayal from Andalsnes and Dunkirk, since the victorious British retreats Greece and Crete and the cowardly British raids on former French allies in Dakar and Syria, the question is already settled who Europe has indeed expelled! What remains to be done namely the final destruction of the notorious plutocratic warmongering clique in England - will also happen, the "National Review" can also rely on that!!”

This large poster is in good condition but does have some separation along the fold marks as well as tearing on the sides and corners. All this poster needs is to be mounted and framed to be able to last another 80 years!

Comes more than ready to be displayed!

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