Original German WWII Panzer Tank Ukw.E.C Radio Receiver

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Original Item: Only One Available. The German World War Two Ukw. E. e (Ultrakurzwellen Empfänger e) Ukw.E.e was the standard receiver used in all German panzer vehicles from 1939 to 1945. This example was manufactured in 1945.The radio receiver Ukw.E.e often referred to as a tank radio as it was commonly used in German tanks of that era.
The Ukw. E. e is a radio receiver used mostly in tanks and in other armored vehicles. It operates in the frequency range of 27.2-33.3 MHz, or roughly the 10 meter band.

This is a heterodyne receiver and a Telefunken product. Receiver chassis is contained in a strong case, and has a cover that clips to the front panel. There are no lugs or projections since mounting hardware is built into tanks. On top of the case are a pair of brass stripes for grounding purposes. Two cables provide the necessary connections between transmitter and receiver - one for side tone, and the other for the antenna.

It uses seven RV12P4000 tubes which come installed in the unit. We cannot verify functionality but the unit appears to be in very good condition and internal parts appear to all be present.

he experiences of the tanks in the beginning of the Second World War showed that intercommunication between the commander, driver, radio operator were required. For this purpose the intercom system "Z" was introduced, which used the LF stage of the Ukw.E.e receiver as an amplifier, and the 10W.S.c transmitter provided feed voltage to the three throat microphones. Both original schematics of the receiver and transmitter had to be modified to compensate for this lack of amplifier in the intercom box. This modification was made on the date of March 1st, 1940. The manufacturers indicated this "modification" by placing a vertical yellow stripe to the left of the frequency scale, on both the receiver and transmitter. All original receivers and transmitters, were replaced by the "yellow-stripe" devices in latter intercom system implementations.

Other than the notice about the "modification" of March 1st, 1940, there is no other information about this topic. The modified Yellow-Stripe schematic is shown against the original schematic in the military manual number D 988/2:

Ukw.E.e: The side-tone connector "zum Sender" is coupled with the headphone output and with the R-C combination (500 kOhm, 10nF) and connected to the control grid circuit of the low frequency stage. (If the "zum Sender" connector is unplugged, this circuit is shorted).
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