Original German WWII Panzer Armored Vehicle Model B Headset with Throat Mic

Item Description

Original Item: Only One available. As used by German tank commanders during WWII this is a set of original German WWII Panzer/Armored Vehicle Model “B” Headphones With Throat Mics- Model "b" radio headset for use in armored vehicles. Headset has two black aluminum earphones with metal alloy backing plates and rubber ear surrounds, connected by a leather covered magnetic sheet metal head band. Head band is attached to the earphones by an extended swivel rocker panel allowing for fit adjustment. Exterior of the earphone backing plate has an impressed designation, Dfh.b, for Doppelfernhörer, (Double Telephone Receiver), model "b". Each earphone has a fabric covered connection wire fitted to their bottom edge.

The bakelite throat (larynx) microphone set is most commonly used in armored vehicles and field radios. marked with an embossed, designation abbreviation in an oval recess, "(Fu) b", indicating, Funk, (Radio), model "b". Also comes a fabric covered connection wire to the switch and to the plug. Very good condition.

A wonderful example that comes ready to display!

A throat microphone, also called a laryngophone, is a type of contact microphone that absorbs vibrations directly from the wearer's throat by way of single or dual sensors worn against the neck. The sensors, called transducers, can pick up speech even in extremely noisy or windy environments, such as on a motorcycle or in a nightclub. Other types of microphones do not function well under these conditions because of high levels of background noise. Advanced laryngophones are able to pick up whispers, and therefore perform well in environments where communicating with others at a distance in silence is required, such as during covert military or law enforcement operations. Throat microphones are also very useful when helmets or respiratory protection is required. Many full-face SCBA, CABA, SAR Respirator, Elastomeric Respirator, N95 Respirator PAPR, or re-breather masks do not have a provision for a microphone inside the mask. The throat microphone can be used safely, as it is positioned outside the mask's face seal and as such does not compromise the respiratory protection provided by the mask, nor does it violate mask approvals and certification.

World War I – first throat mics
Charles Edmond Prince led the development of throat microphones for the British during World War I for use in the noisy and windy environment of aircraft cockpits. Over a 3 year period from 1915-1918 they went through a series of prototype and production handheld "airplane telephones" before arriving at a hands free throat mic incorporated into a leather flying helmet.

World War II – full body suits
During World War II, German Luftwaffe pilots and panzer crews used throat microphones. Soon after, they were adopted by the Allied air forces—the USAAF with the T-20 and T-30 and the RAF with the Mark II. Later, Soviet pilots relied on LA-3 and LA-5 models.

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