Original German WWII Panzer Armored Vehicle Model B Headset with Throat Mic

Item Description

Original Item: Only One available. As used by German tank commanders during WWII this is a set of totally original German WWII Panzer Armored Vehicle Model B Headphones With Throat Mics- Model "b" radio headset for use in armored vehicles. Headset has two black aluminum earphones with metal alloy backing plates and rubber ear surrounds, connected by a leather covered magnetic sheet metal head band. Head band is attached to the earphones by an extended swivel rocker panel allowing for fit adjustment. Exterior of the earphone backing plate has an impressed designation, Dfh.b, for Doppelfernhörer, (Double Telephone Receiver), model "b". Each earphone has a fabric covered connection wire fitted to their bottom edge.

The bakelite throat (larynx) microphone set as most commonly used in armored vehicles and field radios. marked with an embossed, designation abbreviation in an oval recess, "(Fu) b", indicating, Funk, (Radio), model "b". Also comes a fabric covered connection wire to the switch and to the plug. Very good condition.

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