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Original German WWII Pack of 20 Type 4 Cigarettes with SS Stamped Label

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Original Item: Only One Available. The Schutzstaffel (SS; also stylized as ᛋᛋ, "Protection Squadron") was a major paramilitary organization under Adolf AH and the NSDAP Party (NSDAP) in NSDAP Germany, and later throughout German-occupied Europe during World War II. As the Third Reich came into being, the SS grew larger and more powerful, as well as more separated and insulated from the rest of the German military structure.  When the RZM codes came into being, the SS had their own private lists of specific suppliers. This type of "exceptionalism" permeated just about everything involving the group, so it's no surprise that they had their own inspection stamps, even for items such as cigarettes.

What we have here is a very nice unopened and unissued pack of 20 "Type 4" cigarettes. The front of the box states that they are 20 ZIGARETTEN / SONDERMISCHUNG, or 20 "special mixture" cigarettes. It also states Orienttabake mit einem Zusatz nichtorientalischer Tabake verschiedener Anbaubezirke Europas, which translates to "Oriental tobacco with addition of non-oriental tobacco from various growing areas in Europe"

The back of the pack also states Londer mischung, or "Londer Mixture", which is over the most important aspect of this offering: the inspection label. It displays information regarding the cigarettes, showing they are inspected, and in the middle is a clear ᛋᛋ ink stamp, indicating these were inspected specifically for SS Use.

A very interesting piece of WWII memorabilia, ready to display! Definitely NOT for USE!

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