Original German WWII Officer Size 42 Black Leather Greatcoat with Letter of Authenticity

Item Description

Original Item: Purchased directly from a WW2 US veteran’s son, this is an extremely rare black (perhaps dark grey) leather overcoat or greatcoat as used by the officers in the German Wehrmacht. It is heavy grade leather with a quilted internal lining, manufactured with excellent quality and offered in very good condition. We believe it was manufactured between1942 and 1944 and has been stored well as it shows very little sign of age.

Belt buckles are both marked ASTOR Mod. Gloria. Zippers are marked ZIPP drp NUREMBERG. Making this consistent with a genuine German mid-war era production of a private purchase uniform piece.

As this was custom made there is no size tag but if perfectly fits a 6’0 tall, 190 lbs man with a 42 inch chest.

Accompanying this piece is a signed letter from the son of the U.S. Army veteran that brought it back as a war souvenir.

It reads-

To whom it may concern, I, Allen Anderson cab attest to the fact that my father, Robert Anderson, had possession of this coat as far back as I can remember. I am presently 65 years old. Over the years all family members have verified that he sent this coat back from NSDAP Germany just prior to the end of WWII. Per my father, the story that surrounds this coat says:

While advancing to Darmstadt, my father and his regiment or group came upon a disabled halftrack blocking a road. An attempt to repair the half track was being done and had an open top passenger type vehicle behind it and 2 side car motorcycles that couldn't pass all of which were stuck in a muddy rut in the road. As dads group approached an officer removed this coat and his cap, kicked them under the passenger vehicle and ran towards a nearby wooded area, later to be found unarmed with no identification. The coat has hung in a house closet my parent owned since 1950 until this estate closing, on Halloween, my dad would put it on with a plastic skull mask and a battered German helmet to give out candy to the kids.


Allen Anderson


Well, it just doesn’t get much better than that!

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