Original German WWII Officer Dove Head Freiherr Von Stein Pattern Sword by Eickhorn

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This Freiherr Von Stein Pattern Sword is very nice and still would have been worn during the period. It is an aluminum hilt, which retains has 90% of the original gilded finish. The Von Stein pattern can be seen in the Angolia sword book, on page 79. The pattern consists of a dovehead motif, which has raised out oak leaves and acorns which run down the pommel section continuing throughout the backstrap, as well as the grip tabs. The same motif is also raised out of the "P" guard.

The langette features a Wehrmacht eagle. This eagle has half open wings, and looks to the viewer's left, clutching a mobile swas in his talons. The detail throughout the eagle image is spectacular. The reverse langette is plain, having a raised, shield-like figure.

The grip is a fine wood carved base, having black, celluloid covering. The celluloid is shiny and in perfect condition, being tightly wrapped with triple aluminum wire, the center being twisted. he lower portion of the hilt is marked with the patent pending words, Ges. Gesch making this a a fine hilt indeed.

The scabbard is in good condition with one dent. It has original black paint showing only the minor usage. This scabbard paint is still nice and bright. Overall, this is a good solid scabbard.

The blade of this example is as nice as they come. It features outstanding, nickel plated surfaces and is easily in full mint condition. The ricasso is stamped with the Eickhorn 1935-41 squirrel trademark. The original, new like, brown leather washer is in place. An outstanding Von Stein Pattern sword here.

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