Original German WWII Officer Army Dove Head Sword by WKC with Portepee

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This sword is a high quality, solid brass piece, having outstanding gilded finish. The gilding is near 100%, and only starts to thin at the very pommel area, where this was possibly a hand hold for the original owner. The hilt features a floral-like designs through the pommel, back strap, grip tabs, and the"P" guard. The ferrule also features raised-out oak leaf sprigs.

The crossguard has an outstanding raised-out open winged eagle, which looks to the viewer's left. This eagle has lots of hand work to his breast feathering, head, wing feathering, talons, wreath, and raised-out swas. There are also leaves on either side of the legs, which have hand enhancing. The quillon ends in a floral ball. A beautiful, outstanding hilt here!

The grip is the black celluloid variety, over a carved wood base. It is wrapped with triple twisted brass wire, the center being slightly larger. The wiring is all there and looks good.

The portepee is a standard Army example. It has green leather strapping which is decorated with twin rows of aluminum stitching that runs the length. It is in fine condition, being completely set in place in the original tie. The slide is a leather thong affair which rests above the stem. The stem is flat, having crochet-like bullion covering that affords a view of the metal base. The lower ball is of yarn-like bullion and has a stuffing of green material

The accompanying scabbard is straight throughout. This scabbard has good original paint, having a few carrying signs here and there but, overall, this paint grades at about 98% and has its original factory luster. This paint is in near mint condition.

The blade of this example is an outstanding, high-quality nickel plate measuring 32 inches in length. This blade is in full mint condition. The obverse ricasso has the knighthead stamping with the firm's initials below, "WKC&". The black leather washer is in place and nicely recessed.

This is a very fine sword and it is rare to see quality brass examples like this having this much of the original fire gilding. A good collectible piece.

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