Original German WWII NSKK Dagger by Haenel

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Original Item: Only One Available: Made by gun maker Haenel C.G. Haenel SUHL Waffen-u. Fahrrard Fabrik. This EM Dagger is a very nice example. The crossguards are nickel and in good condition. The surfaces are smooth with good crisp edges and precise accent grooves. The tang nut matches nicely and does not appear to have been out in modern times.

The grip is callsic SUHL gun stock quality, deep cherry brown in color and with a subtle vertical grain. The SA symbol button is perfectly placed and the enamel is in good shape. The nickel grip eagle is excellent. The bird retains full detail through the breast and wing feathering, talons and wreathed immobile swas. The grip fits the guards like a glove and is in perfect condition.

The scabbard is straight throughout. It has a nice black paint job that was done after the NSKK order to paint the shells. The scabbard mounts are in good condition through to the lower ball which shows usage and an indentation. All of the screws are in place.

The blade of this dagger is very good, bright and having most of the original grain. There are some in and out marks but it still rates in very good to excellent condition. The blade shoulders perfectly meet the crossguard contour.

The Historical Society CG Haenel ( originally : . CG Haenel weapons and bicycle factory Suhl ) dealt with bicycles and light engineering as well as the weapons production and is one of the oldest companies in the region Suhl that the design and manufacture of military and civil weapons devoted . The company was founded in 1840 in Suhl and was dissolved in 1945 during the Soviet occupation as an independent company or transferred to the VEB vehicle and hunting weapon work " Ernst Thalmann "

To 1933 crucial to have the expected state defense contracts after the takeover by the NSDAPs proportion, joined 1934 the ten Suhler and Zella-flour Isser weapons holdings to an association under the name "United Suhl-Zella-flour Isser weapons factories" together. This association organized the direct relations with the departments of the army administration. The individual arms factories from Suhl established furthermore offices in Berlin. The army stuff offices marked Haenel products with the acceptance mark (fxo).

After 1935 Haenel experienced in the production of weapons an enormous boom. Unlike many other designers to Schmeisser brothers royalties and shares participated personally in the business.

assault rifle 44

From 1938 a new automatic weapon was developed with an equally new caliber at Haenel. This new automatic weapon had a short cartridge, caliber 7.92 x 33 mm. The weapon should be deposited by higher output of the MP38 / 40 and are produced under more economical use of material in high numbers. It originated in chipless metal forming process, called the stamped sheet metal parts and with their help the first Maschinenkarabiner the world. This weapon was first known under the name Mkb42, below with MP43. In 1943 were produced 10,000 pieces for the front, but AH forbade the same year development and production. Only in 1944, when the new weapon in the field trials had a resounding success, AH authorized mass production of the now renamed MP44 rifle. In April 1944 the new weapon was called "assault rifle 44".

A very nice early NSKK Dagger from an early and rare maker who used top quality materials.

History of the SA-

The SA or Brown Shirts, were a private political formation which Adolf AH and the NSDAP used to maintain order at organized Party meetings and demonstrations. The group was formed in 1921, and grew to a huge force of nearly 3,000,000 men by the later 1930's. To instill esprit de corps, as well as create employment for the Blade City of Solingen, it was decided each SA man would carry a dagger with his Brown Shirt uniform. Huge quantities needed to be produced to accommodate the demand. The dagger initially was produced of hand-fitted nickel mounts with attractive finished wood grip and brown anodized (a bluing process) finished scabbard.

The blade was etched with the SA motto, Alles für Deutschland. Examples produced prior to 1935 were stamped with the German sector of the SA group on reverse lower crossguard. Later examples underwent standardization through the RZM ministry. These pieces were produced of cheaper plated zinc-base fittings and scabbards were simply painted brown.

Prior to his "unmasking" as a traitor, Ernst Röhm was the leader of the SA. In 1934, he distributed approximately 100,000 SA daggers with his personal inscription on the reverse blade. These daggers were to honor individuals who had served with the SA prior to December, 1931. Other than the inscription, these pieces were identical to the standard M1933 SA dagger. After the Röhm purge, the inscription was ordered to be removed. Many examples were returned to the factory for grinding. Others were simply ground in the field by whatever means were available. Examples will occasionally be encountered with remnants of the original inscription remaining on the blade, but mostly none will remain. Some blades exist with an intact inscription, reflecting only the removal of the Röhm signature. Very very rarely is an example seen with a full, untouched inscription, as the holder would have surely risked a charge of treason.

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