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Original German WWII NSDAP Small State Service Flag 19" x 33" - Reichsdienstflagge

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is an very good condition example of a WWII German NSDAP Reichsdienstflagge (State Service Flag).  This small size example measures 19" x 33", and is constructed of double sided printed wool. It has an embellished Swas (swas) in the center of the field, with the German Reichsadler (National Eagle) in the upper left corner or canton. It has a thin halyard sewn into the header, and the top has a nice metal loop for attaching to a small flag pole.

Condition is very nice, and the flag looks to have seen little to no use during it service life. However years of storage have led to "age toning" on the white parts of the flag, and there also is a stain that occurred when the flag was folded, so it appears in 4 spots on the flag.

A very nice example in a nice small size.

More on the State Service Flag:

With a deep understanding of pageantry and symbolism, and its propaganda and psychological effectiveness, the NSDAP went to great lengths to reinforce their political party to the general populace of Germany, with repetitive slogans and the omnipresent use of the swas. Swass adorned flags, banners and pennants and were utilized at every possible opportunity. Originally the State Service Flag was introduced in the Weimar era in 1921 and consisted of three horizontal bars in black, white and red with smaller horizontal bars of black, red and yellow inset in the canton with a black national eagle positioned slightly off-center.

On March 13TH 1933 the first Third Reich era State Service Flag was introduced and was designated, Dienstflagge der Reichsbehörden zur See (Service Flag of the National Authorities at Sea), but the original designation was altered to Reichsdienstflagge, (State Service Flag) on June 6TH 1933. The 1933 pattern flag followed the basic design of its predecessor with three horizontal bars in black, white and red with a black national eagle positioned in the center.

On October 31ST 1935 a second pattern State Service Flag was introduced and was first flown on November 7TH 1935. Regulations dictated that the State Service Flag was to be utilized by all public administrative government authorities and was to be flown on their buildings, on inland waterways and the high seas vessels and service vehicles as required. The regulations also extended use of the State Service Flag to the authorities of the Reichsbahn, (National Railways), the Reich autobahn, (National Highways), and the Reichsbank, (National Bank).

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