Original German WWII NSDAP Small Enamel Party Membership Badge with Pinback

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice original German NSDAP (NSDAP) Party Enameled Badge Pin, in a small 18mm diameter size. These are usually 24mm wide, but smaller versions were made as well, for when there was less space on the piece of clothing. We have not seen very many of these at all. A maker mark cannot be found on the back.

The NSDAP, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, (National Socialist German Workers Party), was originally founded in Munich as the DAP, Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, (German Workers Party), on January 5TH 1919. When Adolf AH joined the DAP in the autumn of 1919 he was to reform what was basically a debating society into an active political party. Appointed as the first chairman of the party on July 29TH 1921 AH was to restructure it along paramilitary lines in a hierarchy of four levels of government.

This example is a smaller size membership badge, awarded to all personnel on acceptance as an official party member. It is a 18mm diameter, die struck brass alloy badge NSDAP membership badge with multi-colored enamel work. The badge features a translucent red, circular outer border with embossed silvered script, NATIONAL-SOZIALSTISCHE-D.A.P., encompassing a white enamel field with canted black enamel Swas. In good condition, almost all of the plating has worn away, and there is no missing enamel on the front. The back has the following information:


The "GES. GESCH." is short for Gesetzlich Geschützt (Protected By Law), indicating that the pin was a trademarked design. There is however no maker mark or contract number, so this was made sometime pre-1934, or possibly just as the system was being enacted.

Overall very nice condition, and the back has a very nice "safety pin" style attachment, which would work on any type of clothing.

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