Original German WWII NSDAP Reichsadler Eagle Podium Banner - Intact with Hanger - 48" x 44"

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Recently purchased at a large military show, this is a genuine USGI Bring back from WWII. This is a German NSDAP Podium Banner, displaying the NSDAP Reichsadler (Imperial Eagle), was used from 1935 until the end of the "Third Reich" in 1945. The previous Parteiadler (Party Eagle) of the NSDAP looked to the right, but was otherwise the same.

The banner is single sided, and unlike previous examples we have seen, was not cut off the hanger pole, and is still fully intact! It has the correct wooden ball ends on the pole, and there is even the original tri-color hanger rope on the top, which has had the colors fade a bit. The body of the flag is made from red cotton, with a dyed white Reichsadler eagle sewn to the center with white threads. This is surrounded by a white rayon border, and the bottom of the flag has a rayon fringe attached. The banner measures approximately 48 inches long by 44 inches wide, not measuring the portion around the hanger pole.

Condition is very good considering the age, and it does show some deterioration to the fabric due to wear. This was not an example found in storage, but most likely captured from an NSDAP office during or after the war. It has a bit of age toning, and a patina that cannot be duplicated.

It is very rare to find these intact and in good condition. Ready to display!

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