Original German WWII NSDAP Civic Police M43 Feldmütze Field Cap

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a great looking German WWII NSDAP Civic Police M43 Feldmütze (Field Cap), in approximately size 56-57cm.

It is constructed of worsted wool gabardine cloth, with fold-down panels with squared scallops to the front and forward sides, covering the entire neck on the sides and rear when in use. When not in use, the panels are raised with their ends resting upon the visor, being joined together by two pebbled aluminum buttons. The visor is reinforced with cardboard, and covered in matching gabardine cloth.

Sewn in place in the front of the cap is a NSDAP Civic Police cap insignia constructed of machine woven white and green embroidered threading in the shape of an embroidered cockade over the Civic Police Insignia. This patch is original to the cap and is machine sewn to the outer fabric. The patch is in very clean crisp condition.

The interior of the cap is lined with grey / brown cotton that is sweat stained around the contact areas but is in very good condition overall. There is also a leather sweat pad to the front. The visor is still quite well shaped, but there is a crack in the stiffener.

Overall, this is a great looking wartime used NSDAP Civic Police M43 field cap!

The M43 Feldmütze (Field Cap) is a variety of "Ski Cap" and was based on the Bergmütze (Mountain Hat) used by Austrian and German Gebirgsjäger (Mountain Troops) during WWI. Germany had adopted it in 1915, and after the war it spread throughout the military.

The skirt that surrounds the cap is made in the same wool as the cap, and can be folded down over the ears, though this was rarely done outside of the Mountain troops, which had a double-thickness skirt. The skirt has a small dip in the front quarter with a divide secured by one aluminum button which is covered by an embroidered cockade. The small section in the front quarter was built shorter to show the insignia, and cover the wearer's chin or mouth, without disturbing breathing by covering the nose. There were also later M43 caps, such as those used by the DAK, that omitted the skirt entirely, as it had little use in the desert heat.

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