Original German WWII NPEA Student Leader's Dagger by Karl Burgsmüller of Berlin marked Oranienstein 1939

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a type of German Dagger that we have never had before! Very similar in construction to the M33 SS dagger and SA Dagger, this is a very nice NPEA Student Leader's Dagger, made by Karl Burgsmüller of Berlin. We previously had a Student version, but this is the Student Leader's version, with the NSDAP insignia inset into the handle. The scabbard is unfortunately missing on this example.

The National Political Educational Institute (Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalt) was an SS-run organization established for the purpose of training future leaders for the Reich. A number of NPEA schools were set-up throughout Germany and many of its occupied countries, with most leaders and instructors coming from the SS. They had over 30 regional schools, one of which was located at Schloss Oranienstein (Castle Oranienstein), called NPEA Oranienstein. This was located in a late 17th Century Castle in Diez, part of the old Prussian province of Hesse-Nassau, which has been a Military school since 1866. Today Diez is part of the Rhineland-Palatinate province, and the castle exists to this day.

There were three forms of Political daggers associated with the NPEA. The Student version, the Student Leader and the Chained Leader. The Student version (produced by Karl Burgsmüller and WMW) had no insignia in the SA style wood grip. The Student leader was identical, except it had the inset NSDAP eagle in the grip. The crossguards were solid nickel on early versions and aluminum on later types. The scabbards were an all steel version painted olive drab. There were no mounts on the scabbard except for the scabbard button.

This mid to late war example has plated aluminium crossguards and a steel tang nut, which still have much of the original plating, though it is flaking and patinated. There is not any major chipping or dents in the fittings, just the light wear from use and age. The reverse of the cross guard is marked Oranienstein 1939, which we would assume to indicate that the owner was a Student Leader at NPEA Oranienstein, and graduated in 1939.

The grip is a fine product having a nice red mahogany tone in the surfaces and having medium center ridge construction. This grip is in good condition with great grain, and fits the crossguards like a glove. It does however have a large chunk missing on the insignia side hear the pommel, which is common due to temperature and moisture changes. The dye used also makes the wood brittle over the decades. The inset NSDAP Reichsadler is very nice, with a great patina on the nickel plated surface.

The blade of this example is in good - very good condition, and appears to have been cleaned numerous times over the decades. This has unfortunately removed almost all of the original factory cross grain that it would have had. It is still visible near the cross guard, and under the original felt blade buffer. The body of the blade also shows staining from past oxidation, but no major pitting, and has not been sharpened, as is correct.

The acid-etched Mehr Sein als Scheinen ("Be More Than You Appear") NPEA motto is crisp, however the factory darkening has been polished off.. The rear is marked with the manufacturer marking KARL BURGSMÜLLER in an arc over BERLIN. This was one of the few manufacturers of this dagger type, the others being Eickhorn and WMW. These daggers are extremely rare in any condition, and were not made in any type of large quantities.

A very nice example of a rare German WWII NPEA Student Leaders Dagger, marked to a specific school! Ready to display!

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