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Original German WWII Netherlands Battlefield Pickup Shot-through M38 Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger Paratrooper Helmet

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Original Item: One of a Kind. This is a genuine "Battlefield Pickup" example of a German WWII M38 Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger (Paratrooper) Helmet. It was recovered some time after the war in Lichtenvoorde, a small town in the eastern Netherlands. The helmet had lain for some time undisturbed, so all of the original rigging and liner are completely absent, and it is now just a shell. Amazingly, there is still some of the original paint present, mostly on the inside of the helmet, but overall it is quite rusty, and looks every bit of its age.

Aside from the age though, this helmet definitely was heavily damaged during the war, which almost certainly would have killed someone had they been wearing it. There is a 2 1/2 inch wide jagged hole in the front right top of the helmet, which shows it received an extremely heavy impact. We have seen damage from small arms fire before, but this is definitely from something larger than that. This looks more like shrapnel damage from an explosion, or possibly a large caliber round. There are also cracks on the rear and front "skirt" of the helmet, as well as a dent on the top rear right, which comes from the inside. This helmet definitely went through an intense explosion of some sort.

The shell still does have all four of the original securing nuts for the liners, with remnants of the rigging on some. There are also water stains from a long period of time being out in the elements. We measured around the helmet above the skirt, and it measured 69cm, so this would be a size 68cm shell.

German Paratrooper helmets are highly desirable, and they are rare on the market in any condition. This battlefield pickup really IS a piece of  history. This would be a great way to fill that missing spot in your German helmet collection. Ready to display!

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