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Original German WWII National Flag Signed by USGIs and Dated March 1945

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This National Flag of Germany from WW2 signed by multiple U.S soldiers. The flag is multiple piece cotton construction and double sided. It still has fly line and reinforced hand border. It measures 37 inches x 30 inches and is in excellent condition. The signatures are as follows:

Pvr. Clifford W. VandenBerg
March 29, 1945

P.F.C. James Irby
SCT. Kenneth Butwell
S/Sgt Francis Baru
P.F.C. Hade I Martin -  Tenn
PVT. Jessie Ilamm
Pat Monahan III
John Jansen
PVT. Howard J. Curtis
Glen mullen
George W. Mahoney
Zack Lt Inf
RT. Fidel Ghahate - New Mexico
Ernest Manzo
Gasper Manzo
Tim Mangan
Ruben R. Cluarel
SGT. SRobert Gardner - Jose 2nd St E. Ram P. Tex
S.Sgt. Nick Tisch
P.F.C Howard - Oil City PA
T/Sgt Stephen J. Callas
Ken Westerbeck (George)
S/SGT John
Julian L. Willis - G.A Kid
Paul Solomon - Salem Ohio
Clinton M.Whitley - VA
Mitchell Huren - N.Y.C
Tom Taylor
Doug Stafford - Van Dyke Mich
T/SGT Flanley Beck -New Orleans LA
D. Cellant P. Page
P.F.C. Avail Federickson - Kansas
T/SEP Brown - Dunellen NJ
P.F.C Pernicone
LT. Mick M. Stump
H.C. Johnson - Texas
P.F.C. herman E. Boyd
P.F.C. Arnold Danfourth - Maine
PVT. Phillip Purcell
"Jimmie" Tomczykowski- Lynn Mass
P.F.C. Jewel Milburn- Leav Kanz

This is a wonderful USGI bring back from men who saw action in occupied Europe and Germany at the end of World War Two.


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