Original German WWII National Flag Signed by 155th Airborne Anti-Aircraft Battalion Battery C

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This National Flag of German from WW2 was issued to and is stamped:


Amtskasse L Flak-Regt. 44

Nachkommando Essen-Kray

There is also a stamp that reads:


Verrechnung! 22


The Flak-Regiment 44 was formed November 15, 1938 in Essen-Kray. Known as Flakgruppe Essen and parts of it fought right through until April 1945.

The 17th Airborne Division was activated 15 April 1943 at Camp Mackall, North Carolina. The 155th Anti-Aircraft Battalion was activated on 15 April 1943 under the command of Lt. Colonel John W. Paddock and assigned to the 17th Airborne at that time. After completing basic training, specialist training, and a variety of training maneuvers, the unit left with the Division for England on 17 August, 1944.

When the 155th arrived in England, the Battalion was sent to a tented camp at Lydiard Millicent, near Swindon, on 27 August, 1944. On 27 October 1944 they were moved to Ashdown Park in Berkshire. Flight and tactical training continued and night maneuvers were added to the training schedule.

As part of the Division, the 155th engaged in the Ardennes, Rhineland, and Central Europe Campaigns. During the Ardennes Campaign, as the mission of the 155th was not to fight as an infantry battalion but to support other divisions' infantry regiments and sub-units as necessary.

The six batteries of the battalion were assigned across the 193rd GIR, the 194th GIR, the 507th PIR and the 513th PIR during the first days of combat west of Bastogne. During the Rhineland Campaign, Antitank Batteries were attached to Divisional Combat Teams, while the Antiaircraft Batteries remained with the battalion. During Operation Varsity, the 155th was again attached to the regimental combat teams. During the Central Europe Campaign, the 155th was attached to the 507th PIR. In the early part of May, 1945, the Regiment helped coordination of Displaced Persons (DPs).

Military government duties began 12 April, and active contact with the enemy ceased 18 April 1945. The division came under the XXII Corps on 24 April. It continued its occupation duties until 15 June, 1945 when it returned to France for redeployment. Many troopers were then transferred to the 82nd and 101st Airborne and for occupation duty in Berlin and Austria. Others joined the 13th Airborne Division, which returned to the US to be readied for the Pacific. The remainder of the division was deactivated on September 15, 1945 at Camp Miles Standish, Massachusetts.

This cotton high quality constructed flag measures 72 x 46 and is signed as follows:


Batery C. 155 Airborn, AAB

Mike Jackley


JiM NichoLs

John RolliNs

A.R. Chaney

E.J. Misklow

Joe Wenzel

We have been able to successfully research the following soldiers: Edward J Misklow - Army Serial Number: 33926292 from Pennsylvania, Joe Wenzel Jr - Army Serial Number: 37756507 from Kansas, Michael J Jackley - Army Serial Number: 33597526 from Pennsylvania. The others have names that are too common for us to pinpoint without many more hours of research. One of our favorite aspects of this amazing flag are the spelling errors, young men with partial educations due to joining the army instead of completing school were the backbone of the effort that defeated AH and his war machine.

This is a wonderful USGI bring back from a known Battery in the 17th airborne who saw action in occupied Europe and Germany from after D-Day to the end of World War Two.


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