Original German WWII Named Soldbuch - Photo Album - Medal Grouping

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind set. Unteroffiziere Paul Reike born July 3rd 1920 was a protestant from Breuberg Germany (outside of Frankfurt) worked as a salesman and enlisted on the 29th of August 1939. This grouping consists of his Sold Book (German Identification Book). The book is almost entirely filled with final dates in November 1944.

The Soldbuch served the soldier as a personal identification document in wartime and as an authorization to receive pay from his own or outside pay-stations. In addition, it was identification for rail travel, detached service, leave, and for receiving mail. The Soldbuch was always carried by the soldier on his person in a tunic pocket. Leaving the book in one's baggage or in one's quarters was not permitted. The careful preservation of the book was in the best interest of the owner. The Soldbuch had to be kept in an orderly fashion. The owner must see to it, that all changes in pay due to transfer or promotion are immediately entered by his responsible duty station. The Soldbuch was an official document. Entries were only to be made by a Wehrmacht duty station. Making unauthorized changes is punishable as falsification of official documents. The loss of a Soldbuch was to be reported as soon the loss is discovered to the holders unit or duty station, and the issue of a new Soldbuch will be requested.

Also included is a very nice photo album, clearly belonging to Paul Reike as he is featured in many of the photos both in and out of uniform. The album is 18 pages long and features nearly 70 photos, many of soldiers, family, landmarks, towns, churches, it appears to date from just before the war and into the early war and many photos towards the end we believe to be in Romania.

Finally, we have three of Reike’s medals:
• German WWII Romania anti-communism medal with inscription ROMANIA RECUNOSCATOARE" "IMPOTRIVA COMUNISMULUI CRUCIANDA 1941. Awarded for German and Romanian troops fighting the Russians Issued 1941.
• German WWII Bronze War Merit Cross 2nd class with crossed swords representing combat service.
• German WWII Wound Badge.

Overall a very nice personal set, most likely taken by a USGI from Reike’s person sometime after November, 1944.
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