Original German WWII Named Doctor Medical Surgical Set in Wood Chest

Item Description

Original Items: One-of-a-kind Set. This is a selection of World War Two German medical and surgical equipment all contained in a named Doctor's wood footlocker. The wood chest measures 29" x 12" 15". The top is stenciled in black paint Dr. Bo(??) Wiesbaden. Inside the chest contains the following items:

- Surgical field tool roll complete with all instruments including scissors, scalpels and more.
- Stethoscope with accessories in case.
- Stainless steel surgical trays with numerous Stainless steel instruments.
- Plaster dental castings with German Reichsadler markings on each
- DRK Book
- Numerous other bits and pieces.

This extensive  surgical instrument set contains a wide range of the equipment an army surgeon may have needed at a German field hospital. Some of the instruments, such as the amputation knives and saw, are for specific tasks. Other instruments, such as the forceps for clamping bones, arteries, and intestines, have a more general use.. The use of steel for the trays as well as the instruments ensured that this equipment could be sterilized easily.

This is an extremely rare and highly collectible set with a wonderful history offered in very good condition. We have never had a named Doctor's set before.
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